Monday, January 21, 2013

Paris: Picture It Gorgeous

I went to Paris in October and it was everything I expected and beyond. It is truly a beautiful city. There are many things to love about Paris-the food, the language, the art, the sophistication-and I loved all those things; however, it was Paris's antique beauty and architecture that drew me in so deeply. Take a look at these pictures. None of these are typical tourist sites and still they're beautiful.

The street where my hotel was located. Paris is full of balconies

No clue where we were, but I loved the buildings.

I loved the trees lining this busy street and building full of patios. Patios are my weakness.

Strolling through Marais and just took  a snap of this gorgeous church.

A fun looking street in Marais.

After you take your eyes off my friend, Melody look at the beautiful street she's standing on!
Caught a side street glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. Amazing.

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