Monday, January 14, 2013

Movies That Make You Want to Buy A Plane Ticket

A few of these might be debatable for you and I'm completely open to that. Share your thoughts with me, but don't deny me my rhapsodizing about a few of my favorite movies that make me want to book a vacation immediately.

Midnight In Paris

The opening is a sequence of shots of Paris streets and locales so lush that I immediately wished I was a train ride away. You can tell that Woody Allen loves Paris just by the way he conveys the city's easy beauty and nonchalant sophistication. It also doesn't hurt that this movie shut up the critics that thought Woody had finally capped out on great stories. Not at all. It's a real treat.

Under The Tuscan Sun

This movie sealed it for me. I'm going to Italy. There's nothing more to say.

Vickie Christina Barcelona

I'm not trying to show any bias to Woody Allen, but the man is very good at getting the best shots of a film's locale.Plus, this is a really good movie.

Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil

Whatever you think of this movie you have to admit that Savannah, Georgia's Southern charm is on full display. Maybe it's the movie, but it also seems to have a dark, eerie mystique, right? I need to make my way there to see.


I have to mention this one again as inspiration and please don't kill me if you're sick of hearing about it, but this is truly a great movie, and it captures Paris's beauty and spirit so well. Actress Audrey Tautou jumps off the screen. If you've never seen it, then please do so. Notice the fabulous use of color in the film which is pure genius.

Have any recommendations for me? Please leave a comment. I love a good movie especially if it will add to my list of places that I must visit.

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