Saturday, August 17, 2013

Challenge Accepted....

I have really neglected blogging over the past few months and my biggest reason is that I felt like a fraud. Here I was writing a travel blog yet I wasn't going anywhere any time soon. I couldn't plan a really big trip because I made a promise to myself to pay off my major credit card debt once and for all.

This debt has been following me around (and growing) since I graduated from college. I kept coming up with a million justifications for either not paying it off or for adding to it:

"I do need this coat because it gets so cold here and it'd be nice to have more than three coats"
"Carrie Bradshaw never worried about money and she seemed happy....why should I?" 
"I can't afford to pay more money toward my credit card because I'll be miserable and have no money to enjoy myself"
"What's the point? I'll never get this paid off."

The truth is that I was ashamed and intimidated that I had so much to pay off. There was some magical thinking on my part that one day someone would hand me the money, or I would win the lottery-that I don't even play-and then pay it off. 

I went to Paris last October and I promised myself when I returned that I would tackle my credit card debt. Paris was everything I hoped for and beyond and I was grateful to have taken the trip of a lifetime. I was also hungry to do it again soon. So, I decided to stick to my guns and pay off the credit card. I shakily picked up the phone and called the credit card company and asked to have my payment doubled. I was nauseous thinking of this big change to my cash flow, but I wanted to stick to my goal to pay off the debt within three years. In the past nine months I have payed off 1/3 of the demonic debt.

Well now I have a new job and I have decided to use my increased income to pay more toward my debt in hopes that I will be debt free in two years. Paying off this crazy, burdensome debt will make me feel like I can take on the world, and then I'll travel the world.. That's the new promise I'm making to myself and I'm going to keep it.

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