Monday, December 31, 2012

New York Saga Pt. III : Sex and the City Tour

One of my favorite shows about friendship

On my second day in New York I headed out for the Sex and the City tour. We met at the Pulitzer Fountain across from The Plaza. Of course, I got lost on the walk there and ended up being late; luckily, the tour guide waited for me.  As expected the tour was packed with women with the exception of two men, who clearly had been dragged alone for the ride by their sweethearts. Right from the start the tour guide was feisty and hilarious-she actually cursed and hit the bus driver because of a malfunction-and kept everyone in stitches. We were supposed to watch clips from the actual show, but the  bus's VCR wasn’t working (hence, the mini beating the bus driver took). So, the tour guide ad libbed which was still entertaining.

A big part of what made the tour so enjoyable is that you actually see more of Manhattan in a matter of a few hours than one might accomplish in a few days. In doing this, the tour takes you to some of the key locations that were filmed in the show:

  1. Harry Winston Jewelers where Charlotte and Trey purchased her engagement ring.
  2. The Meatpacking District  location of Samantha’s apartment where she fought with some very noisy transsexual prostitutes
3. The famous Magnolia Bakery where Carrie and Miranda ate cupcakes and she divulged about her new crush, Aidan, “His name is Aidan. And I believe him to be very cute.” We were all given a
cupcake of our own to eat courtesy of the tour.
  4. To Carrie’s neighborhood where each person takes a picture on Carrie’s porch

  5. Shopping in Soho and Greenwich Village

  6. For a cocktail at Aidan’s Bar where I ordered a cosmopolitan. What else?

  7. The Pleasure Chest where Miranda took the girls to get their very first “Rabbit” (if you don’t know
        what I’m talking about, then quickly rent season 1). I will only tell you that I bought a coffee table  book that I absolutely l love.
Chilling on Carrie's Porch

Being on a tour bus with so many other fans of the show made it even more fun. We laughed at the tour guide;s impersonations, quizzed each other on episodes, and debated our favorite love interest for Carrie. The tour guide was very funny and extremely nice; she took great care to make me feel comfortable since I was alone.  Having the opportunity to actually experience some of the things like the cupcakes
and the stores and bars where the show filmed made the experience even more memorable. I would recommend that anyone who loves the show take this tour. 

If you’re going to New York, but don’t want to take this particular tour, then Zerve has other very interesting tours of New York that are worth checking out. 

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  1. I did the tour when I went to NYC in 2012. Sooo much fun!! But we didn't go to Carrie's brownstone. We went to the location of the "Last single girl kiss" and the rehearsal dinner!